How do I access the quizzes?


A small number of quizzes for each year group can be found in our Free Practice Tests area: you don't need an account with us to try these out.

If you would like access more, you will need to log in or sign up for an account with us via this page.

As the quizzes are still under development and we are releasing them as a 'Sneak Peek', you can only access the full collection if you have your own individual account (rather than via your school, uni or library).

You'll know if you have the correct type of account to access quizzes if your account page includes a promo at the top:

 If your home page does not include this promo, don't fret - all account holders will have access in the next few weeks.  In the short term if you'd like to access the quizzes, you will need to create a new 'free trial' account with an alternate email address.



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