I haven't received my SMS verification code. What should I do?


As a new user of the service, we like to welcome you on board with your first 30 minutes free.  In order to claim those minutes you'll need to provide a mobile phone number during sign up, so that we can send you a unique verification code by SMS. Once you've entered your number you should receive the SMS within seconds.  

If for some reason it doesn't arrive, click the resend link on the SMS code entry page.

If you've already exited from that page, we suggest you close and reopen your browser, then log back in at yourtutor.com.au.  Once you sign in with the email and password you set up in step 1, you should see the SMS verification screen and can request a code is sent again.  

If after trying both of the above you're still unable to get your code, we may be experiencing technical problems so call us during office hours (9am-5pm Sydney time) on (02) 9906 2700 or drop us a line at hello@yourtutor.com.au
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