How can our school use it?


1. School leaders and teachers often hear requests from parents about extra after-hours support, about recommendations for tutoring, and how to help children gain confidence and excel in particular subjects or study generally. Quality recommendations are difficult or impossible to provide for all subjects, for all students.

2. Other schools want their after-hours homework centre to go further, to attract more students to justify the expense of running it. However, students are quick to leave campus after the bell goes, and many have sporting and music commitments to plan around.


Now with yourtutor, your school can offer hundreds of highly qualified tutors after-hours, to cover core curriculum subjects.

It's a homework centre, in the cloud.

The moment a student gets ‘stuck’, needs homework help, essay feedback, or revision, families have a direct and trusted connection to an expert who can help. Every unique enquiry is handled using tailored learning styles to suit each student, with reporting on real learning outcomes back to the school.


With yourtutor, you can make learning available to parents, to purchase as much or as little as they need; with transparent reporting back to the school if you also choose to have a smaller program owned by your school.

yourtutor helps ensure tuition used by families is ethical, relevant to students’ modern study routines, and can be used as a remote-access, after-hours homework centre to help students develop independent study and critical thinking skills.


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