What are the main benefits of YourTutor?



Families are busy and on the move, so are teenagers. Whether at school, at home, or in the library, an expert is ready whenever and wherever your child needs help during study. Students can choose to Connect Live to a tutor if they need immediate help, or alternatively can upload essays to Check Mate and receive feedback within 24 hours.


It's 8.30pm the night before an exam. Your child is stuck on a concept. YourTutor allows your child to get help before they reach breaking point, avoiding arguments and relieving stress.


Every student learns differently. Tutors work to your child’s level and learning speed, ensuring your child is building confidence and their own learning every step of the way.

All core subjects

Whether Extension II Maths, Advanced English, Physics, Biology, Chemistry or History research your child is covered from year 3 to Year 12.

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