How much does it cost?


Our standard subscription rate is $1 per minute, however if you sign up for a frequent use plan, you can save up to 53% and receive 240 minutes a month for $149 (perfect for large households).

View the plans here.

Because students can use the service as they need it, they are able to access tutors throughout the week, in any subject.  Here's how Year 9 student Allie in Balmain NSW used 50 minutes across one week:

Plus, with our 24-hour essay review service, you have more flexibility than ever as follows:

Word Count      Minutes deducted     
 0-1000 words  15 minutes
 1001-1500 words    20 minutes
 1501-2000 words  25 minutes
 2001-3000 words  35 minutes
 3001-4000 words  45 minutes
 4001-5500 words  60 minutes
And remember, we offer all new account holders a 30 minute free trial to ensure it's right for you.  You won't be charged until you've used up your 30 minutes, and have 30 days to use your free minutes from the day you sign up.
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