Can I hear some testimonials?


What students say:



“the best! :) ”

“Really wonderful tutors. Really helpful tutors. I feel like I can confidently know that I am doing my work correctly now. :)”

“It was very helpful, she explained to me what i needed and now i get what it is. And she helped me think of ideas for my task which really helped me a lot.”

“The session was really good and helpful. This program is great, I will definitely be using this.”

“The tutor was amazing! She guided me through the question and made sure I understood the concept. I feel so much more confident about such questions now :)”


What schools say:

"yourtutor offers an independent voice, not a voice that will rewrite the assignment, story or essay, but a critical voice that can assist the students to improve their work. There is no doubt that those students who use the service regularly have benefited. Just receiving feedback that makes them think about their writing is a huge advantage."

Babs Helleman
Head of English, The Kings’ School


"yourtutor provides an excellent opportunity for students to take control of their learning whilst at the same time it encourages a love of learning and a culture of learning across the school community."

Chris Gold
Principal, St John's College


"It is a great resource for students and it allows them to learn from their mistakes. It encourages and supports them with their school work.”

Maths teacher, Wiley Park Girls High School

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