What's included in a subscription?


All the homework or study help help you need!  A monthly subscription means you have all the help you need throughout the year, whenever you need it.  

  • One-to-one schoolwork help, on demand (connect within minutes)
  • Your account can be shared by anyone in your household
  • Access to the best local tutors
  • Connect Live to tutors 3pm-midnight (AEST), every day except Saturday
  • Check Mate essay review service available 24 / 7
  • Tutoring in all core subjects from years 3 to first year university
  • Access to all past session transcripts for study later
  • Unused minutes roll-over to the next month 
  • No restrictions on changing your plan level to suit how many minutes you need
  • Better Marks Guarantee (conditions apply)

Plus you can get started with a 30 minute free trial, which will help you decide how much you think you'll want to use each month.


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