What year levels do you support?


YourTutor is used by primary and high school students all over Australia, across all core subjects.  

Parents of young children should be aware that students need basic confidence in using a computer or tablet, as the tutoring is delivered online via a typed chat and whiteboard. Generally the young ones know more than we do, so we hope that's not a problem!

We also support many tertiary and adult learners with essay writing and assignments. If English is your second language, you'll love Check Mate, our 24-hour essay review service.  Here's what one of our students recently told us:

"I understand my weakness in structural and grammatical errors, and especially my habit of writing long sentences. I am surprised that my writing has improved since using YourTutor. You are awesome!"  Rong Kun Ho, School of Nursing and Midwifery, University of South Australia, SA


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