If I sign up to a plan, can the whole family access the service?


Of course. They just need your login details recorded somewhere handy during homework time. YourTutor can help students from year 3 through to year 12 in all core subject areas.  For written work such as essays, speeches or reports, students can submit their draft to Check Mate and have it returned with feedback within 24 hours. Alternatively, Connect Live with a tutor from 3pm-midnight, 6 days a week.

If you have more than one child in your family, you may wish to consider signing up to one of the higher usage plans - we recommend the 'Power Pack' (240 minutes a month) for households with several children who want to use the service. The average Connect Live session is normally around 20 minutes, and a 1000-word essay submitted to Check Mate will use 15 minutes of your account minutes. Your plan gives you access to both services for all children in your household to use how they wish.

We would love to help all members of your family, especially if it takes some pressure off parents in the afternoon.


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