How can YourTutor help my child? What kind of help will they get?


YourTutor gives your child live, one-to-one, on-demand access to a network of expert, online tutors.  Our tutors help students 'get unstuck' from homework problems, as well as work alongside them to build solid foundations of learning through best practice. 

We are NOT a cheating service that provides easy answers. Students are taught to think for themselves and reach their own answers ethically.

Help is available in all core school subjects, including Extension subjects.  Students use it in many ways including:

- working through a question from beginning to end

- getting help with interpreting a question or task and ensure they're tackling it the right way

- as a sense-check to make sure they're on track with a problem or piece of work

- to get feedback on an essay or assignment before handing it in for marking

- getting advice on research or planning of a topic

- getting unstuck in the middle of a piece of work

Every student has different needs, so the way in which your child uses YourTutor is likely to be unique to them.  That's not a problem! Our experienced staff are used to adapting to individual student needs, and are focused on delivering the best personal outcome from every session.



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